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Concierge Services

In addition to our home watch program we offer several concierge services to our clients to make life a little easier. If you don't see something listed here...just ask! 

Frequently Requested Services

  • House cleaning

  • Laundry & ironing 

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Grocery shopping 

  • Running errands 

  • Organizing & decluttering home

  • Hurricane & storm preparation 

  • Post storm clean-up

  • Pressure & window cleaning

  • Patio cleaning

  • Co-ordinate Vehicle maintenance & cleaning

  • Co-ordinate Driver Services

 Homecoming Services

​Our team will prepare your home to perfection for your arrival. Below are the most requested services for home returns:

  • Clean & open home for arrival

  • Stock refrigerator with your favorite foods & beverages

  • Stage patio furniture

  • Deliver fresh flowers

  • Set the thermostat

  • Detail vehicles 

Send-Off Services

​Our team will clean and secure your home after departure. Below are the typical home departure services:

  • Clean out refrigerator

  • Take out trash

  • Deep clean home

  • Secure patio furniture

  • Secure doors & windows

  • Connect cars to trickle charges if needed


Inventory Service

  • Catalog belongings

  • Record model & serial numbers

  • Take photos of everything in home

  • Save data to dvd/flash drive 

  • Store data backup in safe

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