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What is Home Watch?

While Home Watch services are designed to give home owners peace of mind while away from home, these services are also very valuable to full time Florida residents. The National Home Watch Association defines Home Watch as a visual inspection of a home looking for obvious issues.


Our Home Watch Program

We understand that no two homes are alike and every client is different. That is why we personally meet with each client at their home to develop a tailored home care plan. Our clients' privacy is crucial, we ensure that our team keeps our clients and their information private!

Below are the typical services included in our basic Home Watch Service Package. We recommend weekly inspections but will adjust the inspection frequency to each client's request.

Interior Inspection

  • Check A/C and thermostat  

  • Check for any leaks or water damage

  • Check for any signs of pests or rodents

  • Check all appliances

  • Run the dishwasher (monthly)

  • Run garbage disposal (monthly)

  • Run water in all sinks, tubs and showers

  • Flush all toilets 

  • Check for signs of mold or unusual odors

  • Test smoke detectors and change batteries as needed

  • Check all windows and doors are secured

  • Check for burnt out light bulbs

  • Alarm security system

Exterior Inspection

  • Walk perimeter of home

  • Check door and window security

  • Check for signs of vandalism or intrusion

  • Check exterior water connections for leaks

  • Check patio and screen enclosure for tears

  • Discard of any junk mail, newspapers, etc.

  • Check exterior lights

  • Inspect for service compliance and/or needs from following providers: ​

    • Landscaping​

    • Irrigation

    • Pest Control

    • Pool Maintenance

Additional Services Included

  • Respond 24/7 to any emergencies at home 

  • Check mailbox; forward 1st class mail if needed, remove and discard newspapers/fliers

  • Start and idle vehicles

  • Coordinate unsupervised contractor visits for pest control, landscaping, pool, HVAC, etc.

  • Report any issues found during inspection to client 

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